Sewer Billing System

Designed specifically to meet the needs of a municipal sewer or water authority, our Sewer and Water Financial System makes it simple and easy to keep accurate records and perform billing and accounts receivables functions.  Written using relational database technology, the system allows easy and flexible retrieval and analysis of your department’s stored information.  Our system is very flexible and has always been modified to meet each client's individual way of doing business. This is not a shrink-wrapped package that attempts to provide every feature any customer could conceivably imagine. The system is designed to automate the work you do, not what we think you should do. You know how to run your business. Our goal is to make it easier for you to do that.

The software is organized into five easy to use sections.

Common Functions
User Bills & Cash
Process Reports
Process Liens
Utility Functions


 A sample of the functions that our clents use:

 Reports and forms necessary to manage the Sewer and Assessment processes.

Lien Notices
Lien Certificates
Property release notice (upon sale of a property)

Simple error free application of payments, either from cash or individual checks or from automated deposit files from your bank.

Calculates assessment bills, assessment interest, penalty interest and liens when applied.

Calculates routine billing either by metered volume of water or by unit, penalty interest and liens when applied.

Identifies potential billing errors through unusual record analysis.

Sewer Billing input from a file provided by water companies.

Complex billing for commercial properties, apartment complexes with multiple tenants and/or multiple meters, and condominium complexes.

Special situation billing for properties on wells with their own meters.

Situations involving sewer lines from other municipalities.

Automatically calculates penalty interest rates up to the present time.

Debit and credit adjustments in the event that a bill needs to be changed.

Easily change the rate structure for sewer user billing without additional programming.

Absolute control of the outstanding Accounts Receivables.

Easily readable single screen inquiry into all property characteristics, recent paid bills and outstanding bills.

Provides systematic identification of delinquent accounts.

Permits on-line archiving and retrieving of billing and payment information indefinitely.

Rich array of year-end reports, useful for auditing purposes.

Maintains and displays a history of a property including liens, demands and warrants applied as well as changes in ownership and any notes that you may wish to maintain.

Simple extract of information into a spreadsheet program for your examination and manipulation.