Treatment Plant Billing System

The septic information system is designed for Regional Water Pollution Control Facilities that service multiple municipalities and haulers.  Automated features and a simple, straightforward design make it easy to administer the business of the treatment plant and highly automate the billing and reporting needs of the plant administrator.  The system will not only produce periodic invoices, but will also maintain a record of individual load receipts indefinitely for tracking and analysis as well as information requests from government agencies.  The system is very flexible regarding billing rates, and will handle differing rates for different municipalities and haulers and will permit split billings or special arrangements for an individual community.  Facilities that use this system have commented that it is unusually easy to use and that they have improved billing accuracy substantially. Everything about the system can be changed to suit your needs.

Data Checks


You can maintain rate tables for specific materials.  These can differ for specific municipalities, haulers, or even specific commercial accounts.

You can have any special arrangements for billing.  For example:  special volume rate arrangements for commercial users or municipalities, free pump-outs for residents over a period of time, or any other special arrangements your facility needs.

The information for individual hauler loads is entirely captured on a one-page, easy to use transaction form.

Municipality, hauler, commercial, and residential names and addresses can be automatically applied to the transaction form.

Periodic invoices can be prepared for haulers and, if required, municipalities.  These can be generated for any time period you chose.

Individual records of loads are maintained, detailing hauler, municipality, commercial users, volumes, rates, billings, dates and ancillary information such as pH.

Standard reports are available for analyzing history for municipalities and haulers over any date range.

The transaction records for any time period can be exported to a spreadsheet program for special analyses.

Flexible reporting capabilities are built into the system to accommodate whatever information analysis is required.

Easy to use data entry module designed to allow haulers to quickly enter the load information with a minimum of keystrokes and errors.

System automatically prints a hauler receipt and office copy of the load information on separate printers.

Street level analysis for sewer planning.

Database error checking routines to help keep the information uniform and reports accurate. Resolves Street, St, Str inconsistencies. Identifies incomplete data records in the database.